Trading Resources


As much as anything else, understanding and correctly playing the Trading markets requires an ability to follow the progress of trading and appreciate the – sometimes tiny – clues that can hint at an opportunity for a big profit, or warn of an imminent loss. This kind of knowledge is not something that you gain in a day, nor a week for that matter. Really being able to read the market takes some experience, some instinct, and something to back both of these things up. You may have the finest instincts and the most telling experience of all, but being able to check information and get a feel for how others are interpreting it will still be enormously helpful. 

In this you will be aided a great deal by having the resources upon which to call, which all traders take a look at when they feel that it will help. Among these resources there are newspapers – the financial press has been around for many years now, the things that it does not know about investment can be counted on the fingers of one hand – and the TV. Sometimes the requirement will be to read and watch financial reports, but if a trader has developed knife-sharp instincts they will be able to interpret quickly how the world will react to a major event in one country. 

Additionally, a good source of market data – usually installed as standard on the computers of any investment organisation, or available to buy or download for home training, will show you trends and allow you to read them more clearly. This can make a huge difference.