Privacy Policy

This section of the website is devoted to outlining our privacy policy and the data practices that are integral to our website. If you have queries about the safety of your personal information, then please do get in contact with us. 

We take your personal privacy very seriously – it is a matter of great importance to all of us, and we value your trust in us. We therefore promise that we will not sell or rent any of your data in any shape or form, nor will we pass on any of your information to any third party. Site users will only be contacted directly by us if they have made a specific request for information. 

Should ownership of this website be transferred then any information contained therein will be passed on to the new owner only, and that person will be required to abide by this privacy policy in its entirety.  

This site links to other websites for which we have no responsibility. This site has no responsibility for the privacy practices or content of those websites, and it is advisable for the customer to inform themselves regarding the privacy policy of any individual website.  


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